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  • Plano Homeowners – Tax Credits on their Air Conditioning?

    Posted on April 24th, 2009 admin No comments

    President Obama’s recent stimulus bill has gotten a lot of press lately. It’s actually a pretty good deal for most homeowners because they can really get something out of it. There are tax credits available for all kinds of things around your home like insulation, water heaters and of course, air conditioning equipment.

    The bill allows homeowners to receive a tax credit of 30% of their costs (up to $1,500) for any purchase of qualifying equipment. The tricky part is the “qualifying equipment”. Not every system qualifies for the credit.

    Before you buy from someone who promises you the government is going to pay you back, do a little research. Your best bet is to call me and let me come out to look over your system and explain exactly what qualifies for the credit and what doesn’t. The last thing you want to do is buy something you think will pay you back and it doesn’t.

    In the next day or two I’ll be posting some information about an incredible program we’re putting together that WILL literally cut your electric bill in half. It may sound like I’m exagerrating but I’m not. This plan incorporates a few different strategies that will save you a small fortune on your electric bill. Stay tuned.

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